Time to review your insurance

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WILLIAM H Brown in March and Wisbech is urging people to review their insurance requirements following a survey from Friends Life which found around 20 per cent have no back-up plan if they are unable to work through ill health.

The survey also reveals that some people view mobile phone insurance as a higher priority. “There seems to be a great deal of complacency when it comes to protecting our homes and families from a situation where we are not able to work,” said mortgage services consultant, Amanda Marshall.

jo rix of william h brown

jo rix of william h brown

“We see the need to insure expensive items, like mobile phones, but often overlook our monthly income, something which, for most, is fundamental to paying our mortgage and monthly bills.

“The research also found that while people would turn to family and friends for financial help if they were unable to work due to illness, the majority would not be able to afford to help others if the situation was reversed,” Jo Rix added.

“It’s a fascinating insight into people’s attitude towards protection and why we are urging people to speak to us about putting contingency plans in place to protect your family, home and other aspects of your life.”

William H Brown is offering a new range of policies provided by insurer Friends Life designed to help individuals ensure they have the right protection through life insurance, critical illness and income protection, all of which are particularly important when taking out a mortgage.

Mortgage Services Consultants at the branch can offer advice on what level of protection is needed and the various features of the protection products available.

Contact the branches on 01354-654545 or 01945-464451.