Tony Stockwell coming to King’s Lynn

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One of the country’s most well known and respected mediums is returning to the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange on Tuesday, January 22.

Tony Stockwell uses his special gift to help people in their quest for consolation and he will be returning to King’s Lynn, bringing messages of comfort to those who need to hear and understand that a friend, loved one or someone they cared about can still be with them.

Often working with photographs or objects, Tony uses his extraordinary paranormal abilities to communicate amazingly accurate messages. For those who do not receive a message, the use of a big screen allows the audience to become deeply involved in the entire process, taking them with him on a spiritual and emotional roller coaster which would force the most hardened of cynics to rethink their views on the afterlife.

Tony hopes that through his current work he will make others aware that there’s something more thanjust our current lives.

“Whether through mental or physical mediumship, on TV or through small groups, if you can bless one person’s life to absolutely believe beyond doubt that their mum, their dad, their son, or their daughter is actually going to be there waiting for them and it gives them comfort, then that’s worth doing.”

Recent legislative guidelines insist that any Evening of Mediumship should be billed ‘for entertainment purposes’. Tony certainly uses his natural wit, showmanship and Cockney charisma to entertain but more important, Mediumship has the potential to change someone’s life and instil in them a sense of peace, comfort and purpose.

For tickets, contact The Corn Exchange Box Office on 01553-764864 or visit