Touch of South American class

Wisbech Grammar School choir perform at St Peter's Church
Wisbech Grammar School choir perform at St Peter's Church

Gifted young musicians from Argentina have thrilled audiences in Wisbech during a landmark tour of Britain and Spain.

More than 60 students from St Andrew’s Scots School in Buenos Aires stopped off at Wisbech Grammar School as they travelled the length and breadth of the country to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the founding of their school by missionaries from St Andrew’s in Scotland.

After appearing in Glasgow, Edinburgh, York and Liverpool, the youngsters gave a notable performance in the church of St Peter and St Paul last Thursday, when their own concert choir and chamber choir appeared side by side with the Grammar School’s Dulce choir.

The Argentinian students aged from 16 to 18 sang again in a Spanish department assembly the next morning before visiting the Wisbech & Fenland Museum and Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House and then taking in the delights of Cambridge with their nine members of staff.

In the evening the party members returned to the school, when their band and jazz combo shared the stage with the Grammar School’s own swing band. The Spanish department also laid on sketches, performed by year nine pupils and sixth formers, and Spanish songs.

The St Andrew’s students, who were returning to the Grammar School after a sports tour last year, were set to spend three days in London after their departure before preparing to perform again in Barcelona.

Director of music Mr Gabriel Fitzsimmons, who coordinated the visit, said: “It was a wonderful success. We felt really privileged to be able to host such gifted and talented students and to be entertained by them with sublime musical performances.”

Headmaster Mr Nicholas Hammond added: “We are delighted to have hosted our Argentinian friends for a second time. And we are looking forward to hosting their sports teams again next year and in the future we may well be looking to complete the return leg of the exchange.”