Town Council’s burning invitation

CALLING all Wisbech Olympic torch bearers the Town Council needs you.

Following on from plans by neighbouring March to stage its own version of the Olympic Torch relay next month, organised by resident Reg Kemp, Wisbech Town Council has decided to do something too.

And they have now issued an invitation to all four Wisbech residents taking part in the official relay to join in the Civic Procession on July 8.

Eight Fenlanders have been invited to participate in the national relay as part of the torch’s 70-day tour of Great Britain.

Four are from the Wisbech area and the others are from March and Ely.

The lucky four from the Wisbech area, are: Charles Cattell (66) of Wisbech, he runs in Spalding on July 4; Matthew Dawson (16), of Wisbech, who participates in Huntingdon on July 8; Mark Spinks (47), of Walpole Highway, who runs in Great Yarmouth on July 5. Paralympic power-lifter Tom Baty (28) formerly of Wisbech now living in Ely is set to take part in Felixstowe on July5.

The March four include business woman Jaqui Fairfax, who recently masterminded the Portas Pilots bid for Wisbech and is chairman of Wisbech Town Team. She runs on July 4 at Holbeach.

The others are law firm partner Ian Groome (54) who runs in Long Sutton on July 4, Robyn Joly (70), who is taking part at Peterborough and David White (54), who runs in Mumby today (Wednesday).

The Civic Procession on July 8 starts from the Council Chamber on North Brink at 9.30am and parades to St Peter’s Church in time for the start of the annual Civic Service.

Susanah Farmer, deputy Town Clerk, said: “We would love to have our Wisbech torch bearers join in the Civic Procession. They don’t have to attend the church service, but it would be nice for people to get a chance to see the torches.”

Torch bearers interested in taking part should contact the Town Clerk on 01945-461333.