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Traffic in Wisbech is a comedy of errors

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

With reference to the front page news in the Citizen dated February 4.

I would like to know who decided to reverse the flow of traffic in Wisbech town centre, and why?

It is almost as though some Machiavellian plan is afoot to cause so much chaos that people will be easily convinced to be re-pedestrianised again.

For as long as I can remember (30 odd years), since before Wisbech had the living daylights modernised out of it – and well before pedestrianisation – traffic flowed in through Hill Street or the Post Office end. Plus, the marked parking bays were painted, then repainted because they weren’t right, and will now have to be repainted again.

If I wasn’t so angry at the waste of taxpayer’s money, I would be splitting my sides laughing at the ridiculous shenanigans which take place.

They toss our money about with gay abandon, make plans, think about them for several years, change their mind, throw money at the problem, change minds again and throw yet more money at it.

With no referendum, no asking the people who will be affected by their decisions – just pay and change for the sake of change. That smacks of extreme arrogance.

Some puns spring to mind. One is “Comedy of Errors” and the other is about being unable to organise a drunken jollification (rude word replaced) in a brewery.

I have never had any aspirations to hold a position on the council, but frankly, I am tempted to do so in order to inject some old-fashioned common sense, frugality and be able to challenge those who seem so profligate with my money!

If they want to increase the footfall in the town centre, they should never have allowed such huge out-of-town shopping centres and kept to the original traffic plan.

As for me; I am so sick of the traffic situation in town, congestion, traffic lights which hold traffic up and swapping and changing, that I now drive to Holbeach or Spalding to do my shopping, or simply shop online.

What fool thinks that the way to get more customers is to make it as difficult as possible to get into town?

Put things back as they were, pedestrianise Norfolk Street to create a cafe culture and stop flipping pratting about like irresponsible demi-gods. The amount of money they have wasted on this whole debacle could have paid to pedestrianise Norfolk Street.

Now no doubt, they have an excuse not to. Ah well, Spalding is great for shopping. Pretty too. I can highly recommend it.

Pam Thompson,

Tydd St Giles.

wisbech architecture

Warehouse a big loss

In the recent past there has been a real push to preserve and refurbish significant buildings in Wisbech.

Scaffolding around many buildings is evidence of work in progress. It is very welcome to see revived interest in preserving notable old buildings, bringing many of them into new usefulness.

It is sad to note the lack of interest in more modern buildings worthy of protection.

The best designed and most beautiful commercial building built in Wisbech in the last several decades is about to be demolished and lost to our street scene.

The warehouse built by Isaac Collett & Sons, which backs onto Churchill Road opposite the Empire, is the most outstanding building along this section of the busiest route through town.

The quality of the brickwork reflects the company’s roots as brick makers with their own brickworks in Broadend Road.

When I tried to get the building listed the Conservation Officer said he considered the building too modern to be listed. Why is it that everyone sees old as beautiful and modern as not?

This is another quality building lost forever. Modern buildings listed include – Impington Village College, The Barbican, Kingsgate Bridge Durham, Coventry Cathedral and Willis Faber and Dumas headquarters in Ipswich.

Why not preserve the best modern building in Wisbech?

John Smith,



Stop ‘idiots’

Why do the idiots in Chatteris drive around like blue-a**e flies, all day and late at night?

I know they are unemployed by their van and truck signs.

The council must be aware of this – and the police, but they are destroyed by the powers-that-be, made redundant and about to have our police station closed.

Where is the youth club and the dance hall like The Palace?

Fred Smith,


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