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Trains there before homes

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I refer to your report “Residents in bid to signal end of line for train noise” on page 3 of the July 8 issue.

May I remind those who are complaining, and Stephen Barclay, that the railway line has been there since 1847 – long before any of the moaners moved in.

You should be thankful that traffic and noise levels are now nowhere near as high as they were in the days when the GN&GE Joint Line from St Ives to Spalding, plus the Wisbech branch, were also open.

Then steam locomotives were blasting away 24 hours a day and there was the constant clanging of buffers as wagons were shunted at Whitemoor marshalling yards.

Even the “first generation” diesel locomotives of the 1950s and 60s were far noisier, smokier and smellier than today’s examples.

You moved in next to an operational railway line – the railway didn’t move in next to you!

Allan Sibley,


Why move there?

I am writing in response to the article regarding the noise and dirt from Whitemoor Yard, as claimed by residents just off Landau Way, March.

The reason locomotives have their engines running is to build up the required pressure in brakes – unlike a car when you jump in, start it up, and pull away in seconds.

As I was recently reminded in another paper about constant and daily screaming over here by RAF jets from Marham – that have been there a lot longer than me, so why did I move here?

So as residents knew of the railway being there before their houses were built and railway work does mean noise, why move there?

I would much rather live by the yard than here in Wimbotsham with the noisy jets.

But, I love the village, so put up with the totally unnecessary noise of the screaming jets.

MP Steve Barclay was, last year, so very keen to see the railway line to Wisbech re-opened.

Surely that would have created noise as well? Yet now we learn he has taken this noise matter to Parliament – but why?

Brian Baylis,

ex-Bramley Line chairman, Wimbotsham.

the budget

Public must stand firm

Your front page article in last week’s edition (Misery for thousands of families) gives us all cause for thought. It is now important for opposition parties to keep this in the public eye and bring it up in parliament at every opportunity.

This may be the first Conservative budget for 20 years, but I hope it may well be their last for another 20. It does not make economic sense to pay out more in grants, etc, than you get back in corporation tax. I know it may mean employment and tax from the employees, but it should also mean putting some tax into the public purse – and it is not.

I don’t know of any other country where the public would tolerate this. If the Tories accuse Labour of not being business friendly, then the Tories can be accused of not being “people” friendly.

Never thought I would say this but, what is needed now, is pressure from the public; in whatever non-violent form it takes – possibly even a general strike – to bring this government to its knees. When the public opposed and stood firm to Thatcher when she tried to introduce the Poll Tax, she had no choice but to back down.

John White,


manea rbl praise


I would like to congratulate and thank Manea Royal British Legion for putting on an excellent evening on July 4. The band, Catch 22, were tremendous and got a large proportion of the audience up and dancing. A wide mix of ages – from young children and mums, grandads like me, to 80-year-olds – put in a good evening’s work on the dance floor. Can we have another one soon please? Can you do this regularly?

Graham McDonald,


writer under fire

Get over it

Is it just me, or is that chip on John Smithee’s shoulder getting bigger? Just over a month ago the country voted against this Socialist claptrap. Please, Mr Smithee – get over it.

Paul Hudson,


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