Tree felled for public safety

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ONE of a pair of beautiful beech trees which have marked the entrance to March St Peter’s Church for over a century have been felled.

The trees were planted shortly after the building work on the church was completed.

However, one of the trees had reached the end of its natural life and was removed for safety reasons after a test showed it was decaying inside.

If left unchecked, the decay would have spread throughout the tree’s body, leaving it unable to bear its own weight. The Parochial Church Council of St Peter’s concluded that the only proper course of action was to have the tree removed at the earliest opportunity.

St Peter’s hopes to plant a replacement beech tree to fill the empty space left by the old one and ideas about funding the purchase are already under consideration, with donations welcome.

Donations can be made by contacting Revered Anthony Chandler on 01354-652894, or Reverend Jenny Webb on 01354-650855.

Churchwarden Andrew Wright said: “The safety of the public must be our top priority and for that reason we have concluded that it was better for everyone concerned to remove the tree safely and as quickly as possible. Obviously the loss of this beautiful old tree will be keenly felt and, for a while, the gap left behind will be starkly noticeable. It is our hope, however, that the new tree will not be long in coming and that it will remain for at least as long as its predecessor.”