Trees are worthy of protection

TWO sycamore trees in Parson Drove could become protected by Fenland Council this afternoon (Wednesday).

The council’s planning committee looks set to confirm a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) for the trees at 103 Main Road.

Normally a TPO can be made under delegated powers, however, Roddons Housing Association has objected to the order being made and therefore the matter has gone to the committee for a decision.

Roddons have asked for the order to be deferred for six months so specialist advice can be obtained on the potential for the roots to cause damage to the structure of a row of bungalows the association owns nearby.

However, a report to today’s meeting explains a TPO does not prevent work being carried out on the trees, or even their removal, but it gives the council control over ‘inappropriate works’.

The sycamores are both mature trees in good form and have long term potential.

The report states they are prominent within the street scene and of high landscape value, making a significant contribution to the local amenity and as a result the recommendation is for the TPO to be confirmed.