Trekking to help the elephants

East Coast train guard Louise Abrams (27) is holding a Bake Sale next month at her parents’ business premises in Wisbech.

Louise (pictured) is fundraising for Elephant Family, a charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of Asian elephants, and needs to raise £3,000 to take part in an 11-day trek in India in September.

She already has around £1,300 raised after the date for the trek was changed and Louise had started raising money in anticipation of the event.

The sale will be held at The Quay Centre in North End, run by Trevor and Dilys Hunt, on April 13 from 10am onwards.

There will be cakes, cupcakes, tea, coffee and juice and a competition to name an elephant with the prize of a cuddly elephant.

Louise is also looking to possibly hold a rubber duck race in Nene Park at Peterborough as she lives in the city.