Tropically scintillating - Holiday on Ice - Tropicana: The Passion Tour is toe-tapping extravaganza

Holiday on Ice
Holiday on Ice

WHILE the temperatures hit icy levels outside the auditorium at Peterborough’s Exec was positively tropical last night (Thursday) for the special gala performance of Holiday on Ice - Tropicana: The Passion Tour.

Choreographed and personally introduced by world-renowned Olympic figure skater Robin Cousins, the show wowed the audience with its over-the-top costumes, breathtaking and at times jaw-dropping skating - and all accompanied by the foot-tapping sounds of Barry Manilow.

In fact I never knew what a closet Barry Manilow expert I was until the curtain lifted on this amazing display of dancing on ice.

Every tune was like an old-friend, known and mostly loved, from the romantic ‘When will I hold you again’ to the foot-tapping ‘I write the songs’ and of course the iconic hits ‘Mandy’ and ‘Copacabana’.

The audience ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ its way through the two-and-a-half hours of mind-blowing skating talent.

There were times when I could barely bring myself to watch as a male skater whizzed around the ice at breathtaking speed with one of his female co-stars balanced precariously on one hand above his head.

The show had something for everyone, from the romantic, and beautifully choreographed duets to the over-the-top ensemble numbers.

One special stand-out performance came from Sarah-Yvonne Prytula, who combined her skating prowess with acrobatic movements on a hoop suspended at least a dozen feet above the ice.

Her graceful hands and arms gave life to the butterfly creature she portrayed.

The end number had the girl members of the ensemble decked out in elaborate star costumes which included large rotating and flashing stars on their backs.

All in all it was a show to remember and if you are looking for something to raise the temperature this weekend why not pop along to the Exec Peterborough, at the East of England Showground for one of the remaining shows - it runs until Sunday (February 5).

Tickets can be booked from the box office on 0844-5811351 or online at

Prices range from £25 to £36 with concessions for both children and senior citizens. Family tickets are also available.