Unhappy with speed signs

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Cambridgeshire County Council has been slammed by local councillors for its handling of the speed limit drop through Westry.

The speed limit has been reduced from 50mph to 40mph at Westry, but town councillors said there were conflicting signs coming into March and the signs for the new speed limit were too small.

However the county council said work was still ongoing and apologised for the delay.

A spokesman said: “Contractors working on our behalf have still to finish erecting the warning signs along this route, including the large sign at the entrance to Westry from the Wisbech direction. We can only apologise for the delay in completing this work, and assure local people that it will be carried out as soon as possible.

“Our staff will also inspect the route and ensure that any waste or spoil left over from the roadworks is also removed immediately.”

Cllr Jan French, who lives in Westry, said: “Considering how dangerous this road is, I would have expected them to do better.”

County councillor Steve Count was investigating the issue and said the work would be completed by Wednesday, but there were still no warning signs up.