UNICEF invites CWA Graphic Design Student to London HQ

Jane Goodwin, Brandon Mattless and members of N&W Norfolk UNICEF.
Jane Goodwin, Brandon Mattless and members of N&W Norfolk UNICEF.
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A College of West Anglia student was invited to UNICEF UK Headquarters after designing a poster template and handout for The North & West Norfolk supporters group.

Brandon Mattless, 17, from Wisbech, was invited to the charity’s base to take part in a training day designed for all UNICEF supporting groups. There he had the chance to meet the members from all areas across the country and present his poster designs.

Brandon said: “It was a really enjoyable day and it was good to meet all the different people involved who help such a great cause. I walked away with knowledge I think everyone should have about leading charities and the work they do.”

He also added: “There are many people living in different countries with the deprivation of food, water and love, who are in desperate need of help. I learnt today that every child has rights and I think everyone should do all they can to help.”

Brandon is currently studying Graphic Design at the Isle Campus and hopes to continue to do a Foundation course in Art & Design next year.

Jane Goodwin, Course Director said, “The North & West Norfolk Supporters Group, who recently raised £28,000 for UNICEF projects, contacted the Principal asking for help with their publicity.

“We offered the challenge to our second year graphic design students as a live brief and Brandon’s designs were chosen. Brandon has been brilliant.

“We had a fantastic day and following his presentation, other groups have asked to use the templates too. The invitation to UNICEF HQ was an unexpected delight and one that we shall both remember.”