Uninvited guest at Citizen office

Baby snow corn snake found in the Citizen office.
Baby snow corn snake found in the Citizen office.
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THE Fenland Citizen office in Wisbech had an uninvited guest on Thursday evening.

This baby snow corn snake (pictured) was discovered in the foyer of the Union Street office by cleaners.

They were shocked to discover the tiny snake, estimated to be between four and six weeks old, curled up on one of the tables in the reception area.

Dave Johnson, of DK Reptiles, came to the rescue and removed the snake. It is currently being looked after at the shop, just a few doors down from the Citizen office.

How the snake came to be in the office remains a mystery, but it may have been put through the letterbox. The lid to the metal box behind the slot was left open and the snake would have been able to escape.

There is also a chance it could have crawled through a minute gap from outside, although it would have needed to have come from somewhere nearby.

“We get this a lot,” Dave said. “We regularly get animals left at the shop and we have been called out to other businesses in the town centre to pick up snakes and other creatures.

“Someone may have overbred and been left with too many snakes. Or some people buy snakes as pets for children and they get bored with them.”