Upwell couple’s flooding misery

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A couple are unable to put their Upwell home on the market until a 10-year flooding issue is resolved.

Anthony and Norma Pevreall say they are “banging their heads against a brick wall” in trying to get the problems sorted with a dyke near their home in Thurlands Drove.

Mr Pevreall says his house is suffering from damp and other problems as a drainage pipe in an overgrown dyke is blocked and preventing the water from escaping.

Mr Pevreall said: “It started off by flooding the garden and then it started to creep underneath the house.

“If there’s a significant rain fall the garden is flooded. We didn’t have any problems 10 years ago. We had a proper working drainage system.

“I would like to see the ditch completely cleared so the pipe can be unobstructed and the water can flow freely.

“I have been banging my head against a brick wall to get it sorted.”

Mr Pevreall says his home insurance is now £1,500 a year.

The couple would both like to move into a bungalow due to their health problems.

Graham Brown, Norfolk County Council Flood and Water Manager, said: “We are aware of the problems at Upwell following recent heavy rain and, as Lead Flood Authority, we are going to carry out a formal investigation.

“This will form part of a wider investigation into surface water flooding in West Norfolk during August, when a number of homes and other buildings were flooded.

“The County Council will look into the causes, including drainage responsibilities in the area, and will be talking to local residents and councillors as part of this work.

“Ahead of this formal investigation into the flooding affecting Thurlands Drove, we’ve already been in touch with the local Needham and Laddus Internal Drainage Board and West Norfolk Council to try to get the matter resolved as swiftly as possible.”