Using an agent makes sense


The most effective way of getting the best value for money when planning your holiday generally is to book early. This will enable you to benefit from the early booking offers, low deposits and free child places.

Another method to get the best price for your holiday is to advance register your details with your independent agent, who will contact you once the prices are released

This option is used mostly on long-haul booking trips such as Florida.

With all of the above options booking through your local independent agent will give you extra benefits as they will offer you unbiased advice and they, too, will have offers for early bookers.

They will also prepare you through the various stages of the booking, advising you of any visa requirements, insurance cover, car parking, lounge passes and lots more.

If you can’t book early try to be flexible with your dates, where possible, and choice of destinations as this will enable the agent to source the best deal for you.

Your agent may suggest incorporating low cost airlines as part of your package to get the best price. This enables you to choose your own duration, your own choice of baggage and seat allocation.

Again by booking through your agent you are safe in the knowledge that your booking is secure and protected.

For many of our Euro destinations the all inclusive option often proves to be the best choice to get value when travelling, especially for families, as you can give your budget to your agent.

There are more and more hotels getting in on the popularity of all inclusive holidays. But beware. Some of these hotels were never set up to specialise in all inclusive, and this is where problems can begin.

The largest mistake many people make is to book with one of these hotels. Their terms and conditions of all inclusive board may state that all inclusive runs for 12 hours per day and begins at 5am. This in reality means that unless you are going to sit down to your dinner before 5pm that dinner will not be included in your package. Look closely at what you are booking and, if you can, do not accept less than a 24-hour package that will include everything.

For those travelling to Turkey or Bulgaria the popular options are self catering or bed and breakfast, which gives you choices of where to eat and this is a way of seeing the resort where you are staying.

Finally, once you are in a position to book your holiday or wanting advice on your proposed holiday, call into your agent for the best options with the best prices and the knowledge that your booking will be at the best price and fully protected!