Vandalised badger is whole again

THE vandalised badger sculpture in Wisbech Park has been reunited with its head.

To the joy of the Friends of Wisbech Park, the head was in good enough condition to be put back onto the wooden sculpture, which has been done.

Repairs have not quite been completed, as the gaps need to be filled up with resin. However, this is due to happen this week.

The head had been missing following the vandalism to the chainsaw sculpture. But it was discovered almost two weeks ago by a Fenland District Council litter-picker, not by a gardener as incorrectly stated in the Citizen last week.

A delighted Simon King, who is chairman of the Friends, was overjoyed by the discovery and the news that well-known Fenland family the Elses, of Darrel Else Furnishers, had volunteered to pay for repairs.