Vandals cause more damage to park

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VANDALS have once again damaged equipment at the £1 million Waterlees play area.

Play equipment installed at the park was ripped out of the ground just hours later, spoiling the fun of youngsters using the park.

Workmen were at the adventure playground all day on Wednesday, concreting in large wooden poles to form a framework for the new equipment.

Beatrice Road resident Alan Lay said after the poles had been put up, a temporary fence was placed around it, but it proved no barrier for the vandals.

Youths started to go to the park once darkness fell and Mr Lay heard a loud crash around 8pm, which was the structure coming down.

Mr Lay said the fence was no good as it provided ample hand and footholds, and a better barrier should be used.

A tangled mess of wood and metal was all that was left the following morning and the workmen had to clear it away before a group of children arrived to use the park.

A spokesperson from the county council, who funded the project through the Pathfinder scheme, said contractors have assessed the damage and repairs will be done as soon as possible.