Victory for home owners in rent row

Residents of Twin Parks protesting on the green against rent rise -
Residents of Twin Parks protesting on the green against rent rise -

Residents on two Wisbech mobile home parks will not have to pay a £12,000 legal bill after challenging landlords Tingdene over a pitch rent rise.

The findings of a rent tribunal held at the Boathouse last month were published this week and stated the residents had not acted unreasonably and therefore would not have to pay Tingdene’s legal bill for the day’s hearing.

The tribunal also ruled the landlords had forced some residents to pay the 4.8 per cent rent rise “under duress”by “seriously misrepresenting” the situation and that work carried out on lighting on both Fenland Village and Osborne Park had reduced the amenity on the two sites - but not enough to warrant no rent rise.

Residents of the two mobile home parks had argued the lowering of street lights on the two parks, which was carried out without the proper notice, had made the streets so dark some were afraid to go out at night and that several people’s homes had been seriously affected by light pollution as a result.

The Tribunal panel, which inspected both sites prior to the hearing, were surprised that such an alteration to the lights was made without prior notification or consultation with the residents. The Tribunal agreed the changed did have a “detrimental affect” for some residents.

The Tribunal also noted that “there was an absence of a formal complaints procedure but that should not prevent complaints being made”.

The results mean that there has been a rent reduction for a small number of residents - those with the lights shining in their windows.

However, residents are still not allowed to hold fundraising and social events on the site’s green, something they are bitterly disappointed about. Tingdene have banned such events following complaints about noise.