VIDEO: Charity wax

A local charity manager has bravely had his body hair waxed.

Mark Mearman, area manager for the Rose Project, submitted himself to the hot wax of beautician Gemma Edgson at Norfolk Street salon Zync in Wisbech and had his back, chest, arms and legs waxed.

He was a bit nervous beforehand and despite the urging of volunteers at the project, refused to take any painkillers before his charity stunt.

There has been a disappointing response to Mark’s effort so far, with just £50 raised for the charity, but donations are still being accepted at the charity shop in Norfolk Street.

The Rose Project, which stands for Responsive Operations Securing Events of the Past, is still a relatively unknown charity, with just two branches in Wisbech and Thorney Toll.

The charity started as an archeological project which then branched into working with other local charities. They have a particular focus on homelessness.