VIDEO: St Mary’s Church in Doddington

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St Mary’s Church at Doddington has lots of hidden gems to spot, from a carved monkey to a host of angels.

Although it is a fairly small church, there are lots of carvings to see, from the corbels holding up the gable outside to the roof in the nave.

The oldest parts of the church date from the middle of the 13th century. There was a big reconstruction about one hundred years later and some parts of the church were added in the fifteenth century, giving a variety of styles.

Sir John Peyton’s tombstone can be found in front of the altar. Sir John was the governor of Jersey and Guernsey. The Manor of Doddington was given to him by Queen Elizabeth in 1601 and was one of the family’s secondary estates.

Sir John lived to the age of 99 and was buried at Doddington. Several of his descendents are also buried in the village, although none ever lived there.

The church guidebook has a story about a member of the Peyton family. According to legend, one of them killed a servant, and the punishment was that the image of a bloody hand should be painted on all his possessions, including his pew in the church. The pew is apparently at the end of a choir stall on the north side of the chancel.