Village sign unveiled

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MONDAY was an historic day for Walpole St Andrew when villagers got to see the new village sign for the first time.

The beautifully designed and crafted sign has been provided by the committee which previously organised the Walpole St Andrew Steam Engine Rally, which ran from 1966 to 1981.

The rally proved hugely successful over the years and raised funds for both the church and other village amenities including the re-roofing of the Lady Chapel and equipment for the youth football teams.

It was always an ambition of Bill Boon, the last chairman of the active Rally, to erect a Village Sign, but he sadly never achieved it. In keeping with Bill’s aspiration the committee have had a sign designed and made.

And on Monday the sign, designed by Gordon Gillick of Wisbech and constructed by committee member Michael South from stainless steel, was formally unveiled at a special event.

The design has a steam engine at the heart of the sign to reflect the Rally’s central place in village life, raising funds for both the church and the village.

The church tower has also been included to represents the church along with the war memorial, which represents the whole village.

Other features include bullrushes to show the village’s marshland location, and there is also an apple tree and strawberry plants to symbolise the village’s long association with growing these fruits.

Finally hidden in the sign is a small crown, representing the legendary treasure of King John, which was said to have been lost in the wash.

In front of the sign is a lectern giving information about it and explaining the details together with a brief history of the village. The lectern has been funded by a grant from Sutton Bridge Power Fund at Sutton Bridge Power Station.

The day included the special unveiling, a church service as well as entertainment, bell-ringing and a fair organ recital.