Volunteer needed for MAPPA

The MULTI-agency group that protects the community from known violent and sex offenders is looking for a volunteer to assist with its work.

The MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements) involves representatives from a wide range of agencies who work with the police, Probation and the Prison Service in managing high risk offenders within the community.

MAPPA focuses the efforts of staff across the county on the prevention of further offending and enhances the safety of the public.

To assist this work the group is recruiting a lay advisor who will attend MAPPA Strategic Board meetings to provide independent advice and represent the needs of the wider community as well as make a major contribution to confirming the high quality of the work done.

Andy Jarvis, MAPPA manager, said: “Our lay advisers play an important role by offering independent advice on the management of dangerous offenders.

“They are able to offer a perspective from outside of each agency that reflects the viewpoint of the wider community.” For further information about the role contact Supt Simon Megicks on 0345-4564564, Assistant Chief Officer Mike Dyson on 03000-477000 or Ellwyn Dawkins on 01354 602350.

The closing date to apply is November 1.

The annual report into the work of MAPPA was released on Thursday (October 27).

To view the report visit www.justice.gov.uk