Volunteers needed for Home-Start

HOME-Start is looking for volunteers with parental experience to help families around Fenland.

A new training course is starting in September to train up volunteers for Home-Start West Cambridgeshire and North Fenland.

The charity provides support to families with at least one child under five.

Volunteers give valuable help and support to families for 1-2 hours a week. This could be helping a mum go to the park with her twins, taking a family shopping or just giving parents a chance to sit down and have a chat while the Volunteer plays with the children.

The training course will be for one day a week from 10.15am to 2.30pm and will run for nine weeks.

If you have parental experience and have an hour or two spare to give a family a helping hand please call 01480-700242 or e-mail office@homestartwcnf.org