Walk the Brink of discovery

North Brink
North Brink

Thank you to everyone who responded so warmly to this new column! I’m pleased it is of interest, and hope it continues to show everyone the fantastic people, places and events we have here in the Fens.

An interesting event is coming up this Sunday at the Wisbech and Fenland Museum. “In Grendel’s Footsteps” is a photographic exhibition representing the artist’s view on the history of the Fens. Meeting the artist is always interesting, so pop along from 12pm to 2pm Saturday and let her explain her work to you.

n gem, to me anyway, is Moulton Mill near Spalding, which is the tallest windmill in the country!

It’s run by knowledgeable people and the history of Fen Windmills is very interesting. Open Thursday-Sunday, they have a chocolate evening on November 17. I will have all links on my website, but I know not everyone uses the internet, so here’s Moulton Mill’s phone number: 01406 373237.

I was also intending to encourage everyone to use The Luxe cinema. It’s a great place to watch a film as the seats are big armchairs, there’s a bar and often an intermission. I then heard it’s been voted the best attraction in Cambridgeshire by TripAdvisor – a brilliant achievement and well deserved so congratulations to Burleigh and his team.

So, while it may not be a hidden gem any more, it still deserves a mention as a local, independent business to be proud of.

A new version of the Cambridgeshire Pevsner Guide has just been released, and it still contains that often quoted line. He also says: “The two Brinks, one of the finest Georgian brick streets of England”. That quote includes South Brink as well, so make sure you visit both sides!

The traditional viewpoint of North Brink is from the town bridge, but you’ll find a good view from Centenary Green, on South Brink, just a few steps from the bridge. There’s an information board with details of the buildings you can see opposite.

Also worth a visit is a new pocket park, looked after by Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House in Wisbech, and they have a lovely tea room with even lovelier cake. At this time of year, the tea room is open Monday to Wednesday from 12pm to 3pm. If you’d like to tour the house as well, call 01945 476358 to book.

Borrow a copy of the Pevsner guide from the library, as it has descriptions of walks, as well as all the buildings. Wisbech is one of the longest chapters in there, which shows how much a famed architectural historian like Pevsner found to write about.

The Birthplace House organises regular walks, though only “armchair walks” in the warm at this time of the year!

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