Warning after telephone scam

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A CITIZEN reader is repeating warnings, particularly to the elderly, about tricksters trying to get bank details over the phone.

The reader saw an article in the Citizen warning of the scam and was able to stop her 91 year-old father getting caught up in something similar.

The reader said her father received five phone calls in two hours by a person telling him they had a cheque for £3,850 as compensation for fraud carried out on his bank account.

Initially, they tried to tell him they had a representative in the area who would call at a specified time with the cheque but to accept it, he would have to write a cheque for £300 as payment.

Said the reader: “They tried to get his card details which fortunately, due to me stressing that they must never be given out and due to your piece in the paper, he would not give out in spite of the fact that they claimed to already have the number.”

When they telephoned again the reader took the call and after listening she told them she would contact the police.

The caller got angry and started to threaten legal action claiming her father had asked them to take on the case to reclaim money from fraud some time ago.

“The man had an American accent, the number came up as international,” said the reader, adding: “My dad received at least two further calls the next day but did not answer the phone.”

The reader said she has contacted the number given - which was supposed to be for Manchester - and told them not to call her father again.