‘Water’ nightmare - Tydd St Giles couple’s three-year battle with Anglian Water for mains supply to dream home

Dave McBride with the water pipe which just needs connecting up to his property.

Three years and almost £15,000 out of pocket but Dave McBride and his partner Debbie Crane still have no running water at their home in Tydd St Giles.

Now desperate Dave has written to local MP Steve Barclay for help in ending what he labels a “three-year-fiasco” for which he blames Anglian Water and Cambridgeshire County Council.

Dave McBride's dream home is an arid nightmare - as he battles to get mains water connected.

Dave bought what he believed was his dream home in Eaudyke Bank in August 2015 fully aware that the property was without a mains water supply.

“I knew it didn’t have mains water but I thought it would be fairly straight forward to get it connected up - I knew I would have to pay for that to happen but never did I expect it to be such a nightmare,” said Dave.

He says the nearest water main is just 530 metres away but for all the hassle he and Debbie have had to endure for the past three years it might as well be on another continent.

In his letter to Mr Barclay he said: “I had thought getting a mains connection would be straight forward. As it turned out there are multiple complicated, expensive and time consuming procedures to be completed in chronological order with no help or guidance available.”

He then chronicles his endeavours to date and says so far he has paid out over £15,000 - the most expensive of which was paying a private contractor to lay a length of pipe ready for the final connection by Anglian Water. That was in October last year and it still has not happened.

It was supposed to be done in January but it transpired Cambridgeshire County Council had not been informed of necessary road closures - despite Dave having paid for the necessary paperwork.

A new date was set for February once the road closures were approved, but when Anglian Water’s team started excavating ready to make the connection they discovered the mains was actually on the opposite side of the road to their site plans.

Dave said: “As you can imagine work was immediately halted and we now have to wait another 90 days for the county council to approve what now has to be two road closures as they are going to have to close both Eaudyke Bank and Cats Lane because Anglian Water need to excavate right across Cats Lane.

“I will also have to pay yet another £1,000 or possibly even £2,000 to the council for the road closure and probably another £2000+ for signage.

“In the mean time we are still without a hygenic water supply or heating as we cannot use the central heating without mains water. We are using bottled water to wash-up in and we have to go elsewhere to bath.

“What should have been our dream home has become a daily nightmare.”

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said they were only aware of one road closure linked to Dave’s property and that was for the private pipe work carried out by his contractors.

However, a spokesman for Anglian Water said: “Last week (after being contacted by the Citizen) we arranged for an emergency road closure with Cambridgeshire County Council and have arranged for the connection to be carried out on March 7.”

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