Water, water everywhere

Welney Washes flooded in May
Welney Washes flooded in May

A MONTH into the hosepipe ban, Fenland has been deluged by weeks of rain and the road through Welney Wash has been closed for the first time this season.

Despite the water companies telling us all to conserve water and the ban still being in place, many places are seeing rivers burst their banks and are suffering flooding.

Conditions in Fenland and West Norfolk are not at that stage yet, but water levels in Welney Wash were high enough to flood the low-level road that leads from the village. The road has not been closed since last winter.

The road was closed off on Friday morning with around six inches of water on the road and The Lamb & Flag pub in Welney is hoping it will not last long.

The business suffers from lack of trade with people avoiding the well-used route through to Littleport and Ely.

A spokesperson from the Environment Agency said it is not known how long the road closure will last.