Waterlogged Waterlees

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A MUCH-anticipated visit to a Wisbech park turned into a nightmare for a Fenland family.

The family, who don’t want to be named, went to the new Waterlees play area at the Spinney and were shocked by what they found.

“We had been promising the kids we would take them up there and they were quite excited because they had seen it in the paper,” the woman said.

“When we got to the entrance, it was waterlogged and muddy. There were lots of big puddles and it was very slippery.”

However the mud was only the beginning.

The children, who are four, 11 and 14, wanted to go on the slides, but when their dad and his girlfriend went around, they were shocked to find chunks of glass on the slide itself.

“The children had started playing on the equipment and we had to pull them off really quickly. It looked like a smashed wine bottle, with big shards of glass.”

The family described seeing various pieces of litter scattered around the park, including a used nappy in one of the tyre swings and dog mess on the floor.

The woman also spotted an open pipe near the toddler play area that looked as if the cap had been taken off. She said the pipe, which was at ground level, was big enough for a child to get their foot into and could pose a danger to youngsters playing in the park.

A spokesperson for Cambs County Council, who own the land, said Sutcliffe Play are responsible for installing litter bins at the play area and bins are due to be installed.

He added: “We have not been made aware of any problems with broken glass, but if anybody sees any, they should report it to the play worker on site during the week or the County Council at the weekend.”

The council was aware of the flooding problems and said the Wisbech fire brigade was going to be pumping out excess water.

• The council can be contacted on 0345-045-5200.