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We’re split on whether or not we trust solicitors

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Often we are complimented by the community for the wide range of subjects we cover in our legal column.

From divorce, death to extraordinary legal cases we like to demonstrate that the law is a wide-ranging subject, which has a great effect on the average man or woman in the street.

Being a local law firm though, who have been, ‘part of the furniture’ of the Fens for many years, we place a huge amount of significance in being trusted.

Therefore, whenever there are headlines for the wrong reasons about anything to do with our profession, we inwardly groan.

So it is with great interest that we have just seen a newly-published poll of public attitudes to the professions, with lawyers being very much mid-table.

Ipsos MORI interviewed a representative quota sample of 990 adults across Britain and the results showed 51per cent of Britons trust lawyers to tell the truth, compared with one-in-four who trust estate agents, 43 per cent who trust local councillors, and 49 per cent who trust NHS managers.

Doctors and teachers emerge as the most trusted professions, whilst interestingly, Judges, who are part of our profession, emerged as the third most trusted on the list.

It almost goes without saying that politicians are the least trusted, with just 21 per cent believing them.

However, whilst this poll is quite fun to read, what does it really say about us as lawyers?

Really, I think not a lot.

I would like to think the reason why we as a local firm continue to thrive, and why all good businesses throughout the land prosper, is because of reputation where time and time again we have proven our credentials to clients.

There are good politicians and crooked doctors, but whilst generalisations can be a good guideline they never give the full picture.

Bad publicity for anyone can tarnish many, especially for those easily swayed. Like all good pillars of our community we like to think we are immune to rash generalisations. In our eyes, the legal world is as it ever was, with good and bad, just like all walks of life, and I guess it will always be this way.

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