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We’re to blame for closures

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Week in week out we read comments about reasons for supporting the town centre shops. Often criticism is directed at Fenland District Council.

I would ask that we all be honest and grown-up about this important subject – instead of being in denial.

I comment about ways to improve things, but I also am in denial. The fact is I embrace the facility of the Internet.

I buy books, CDs and a number of things on the Internet because it is convenient, direct, and allows me time to study what I do from the comfort of my home.

If I want loud background music playing I can pick my own or none. I don’t have a parking problem. I don’t have dog poo or an extension lead to step over.

I am simply being honest and it’s about time we all were honest. We – you, me – are to blame for local shops closing.

It’s the age of the Internet and it is irreversible. Even Tescos and Sainsburys take orders from the Internet.

If we accept where the real problem emanates we may have a chance to remedy things and start the debate on the starting grid, instead of from the garage.

John Bennett-Collins,

via email.


They won’t alter minds

I had to have a chuckle at Mitch Mitchell’s assumptions (letters, May 13).

I am neither young – I put my first cross against Sir Rhodes Boyson’s name (who?) – I am also born and bred in the UK. I have just not taken much interest in the workings of the electoral campaign system before.

Nor, judging by some people I have spoken to, do they. I’ve always been far too busy for such trivialities.

It may be second nature to those involved in politics. No doubt from Mr Smithee’s excellent and very polite explanation, we are all now more fully informed.

I did not get any personally addressed flyers from UKIP, but I got a visit from a very nice UKIP representative. However, I eventually got a total of four from the Tories – the last one arriving on the eve of election day.

And, to add insult to injury, someone had left a flyer in the polling booth. I screwed it up, naturally. Do they really think that by sending personally addressed ‘letters’, they are going to make the electorate change their minds?

I am sorry to say this but I believe that we only got a Tory government through tactical voting to keep Red Ed’s lot out.

Come back Guy Fawkes, all is forgiven!!

Shirley de-Groome,

via email


Better off without it

Re Mr Bevis and his letter, Is Britain religious? (May 13).

He states only a third of Brits uphold the christian faith – perhaps this is because two-thirds are rational and see religion for what it is, outdated and lacking in credibility, replaced by reason and science.

The Utopia he says we would have if we were a truly christian country is a fallacy. You only need to look at America, which has 83% as believers, to see this is not so.

The world would be a better place without religion with its irrationality, divisiveness, its anti-woman stance – need I go on?

You don’t need religion to be a good, moral spiritual person – probably quite the reverse.

P Hodson,



Gets my vote

So we have an election for Cambridgeshire County Council after Peter Lagoda (formerly of UKIP) resigned – and which of the four candidates would be good and why? Here is my opinion:

Samantha Hoy is who I am supporting, I personally know her but she also has been a councillor at every level and knows what she is doing – easily capable of doing the job and doing it right.

She was Mayor and has the experience, work ethic and dedication we deserve here in Wisbech South. She chairs the Festivals Committee which brings St George’s Day Event, Rock Festival and Christmas lights, all of which are popular.

There is no candidate more hard-working than Samantha Hoy in my opinion and we need a County Councillor in Wisbech that is hard working!

David Gutteridge,

via email.

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