Wedding ring lost in Wisbech

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A WOMAN is appealing for the return of her mother’s wedding ring, which was lost in Wisbech on Good Friday.

The woman, who does not want to be named, is not sure where she lost the ring, but knows it was sometime in the late afternoon.

“The ring is not worth very much,” she said, “but has great sentimental value as it is one of the few things I have that shows my parents were married. My mum gave it to me a couple of years before she died.”

The woman was in Wisbech Park at around 3.30pm, where she sat near the bandstand for a while. It was then she took off the ring, due to her hands swelling, and put it in her pocket.

She then walked along Lynn Road and down Tinkers Drove to her Gloucester Court home. She did not realise until later that the ring had disappeared but despite retracing her footsteps, she could not find it.

The woman fears someone may have picked it up and kept it, as nothing has been handed in at the police station.

She asks that if anyone found the plain gold ring, could they please take it to the police station or hand it in at the Citizen office in Union Street.