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What do you think? Wisbech councillor asks for views on plans for a family event later this year

An online survey has given major support for plans for a summer celebration for families to hopefully mark the end of lockdown.

Wisbech councillor Steve Tierney posted a poll on a local Facebook page asking people to vote on whether or not they would support such an event in the town in August.

In his post Coun Tierney made it clear it was still "only an idea" adding that no money has been spent or will be spent at this stage.

Plans could see Wis-Beach Day combined with Wisbech RockFest.
Plans could see Wis-Beach Day combined with Wisbech RockFest.

He explains the idea would be to combine two of the town's most popular family events organised by the town council - Wis-BEACH Day and the annual RockFest - and hold one big extravaganza in the park.

Coun Tierney said: "Boris Johnson's Roadmap out of lockdown states that ALL restrictions on movement will end in June and vaccinations should be complete by July. That the world will return to normal after that.

"We usually hold Rockfest in August. We have missed Wis-BEACH day entirely.

Plans could see Wis-Beach Day combined with Wisbech RockFest.
Plans could see Wis-Beach Day combined with Wisbech RockFest.

"If we wanted to do an event it takes a long time and a lot of hard work to organise. You also have to book things which means committing to 'some' spending and deposits you probably won't get back. So we need to decide soon.

"On the one hand the town and everybody in it needs something to look forward to and a chance for fun again - a big lift after all this gloom.

"And on the other hand, it's possible Boris will change the rules again. It's possible a bunch of new variants will emerge and there will be a new lockdown. It's all a big unknown.

Councillor Steve Tierney.
Councillor Steve Tierney.

"Nevertheless, some have suggested we should start organising Rockfest in August anyway and hope for the best. By then, everybody will have been offered the vaccination, the restrictions should all be over and the event is outside in the open fresh air.

"So the big idea is this. We combine the Wis-BEACH day and Rock Fest into one event in the park. Make it amazing. Make it a true family celebration of our fight against Covid-19 and of a normal summertime and get some of that sunshine and fresh air that will do us all some good.

"Obviously, there will be appropriate safety measures in place as advised when the time comes, and this can only proceed if the lockdown ends as Boris has said, but doesn't it sound like fun?

"What is your view, please?"

The survey prompted over 600 people to vote and garnered nearly 60 comments. The overwhelming majority: 431 voted in favour with 180 voting to leave it another year.

Comments included both positive and negative comments - some were concerned about what might be happening with the virus, while others were delighted to have something to look forward to.

If you would like to have your say, Coun Tierney's poll can be found on Wisbech Discussion Forum Facebook page.

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