What’s in a name - Fenland’s top babies’ names 2013

Fenland Citizen Baby name of the year feature'George Searl
Fenland Citizen Baby name of the year feature'George Searl

One of the hardest decisions parents have to make is choosing a name for their newborn baby.

And it gets harder every year with more and more unusual names coming in.

Fenland Citizen Baby name of the year feature'Imogen Brooks 9 months

Fenland Citizen Baby name of the year feature'Imogen Brooks 9 months

Of course whatever you choose your child will have to put up with it for the rest of their life - although some offspring of the rich and famous have refused to stick with their given names.

Rock star David Bowie’s son was not impressed with being Zowie Bowie and opted to swap it for the more conventional Duncan Jones, which perhaps suits his lifestyle as a respected film director a little more.

Brand names, objects, towns and surnames have all become increasingly popular as choices and in Fenland some families have not let the trend pass them by.

But while this year has seen a few less traditional names sneak in such as Oakley and Khaleesi, the top names for both boys and girls, whose births were announced in this paper are traditional with Harry being number one for boys - just pipping Finley into second place.

And Evie, which has been popular for the past couple of years, in top spot for girls. There was no clear second place in for the girls, with parents choosing an array of names including Amelia, Emily, Phoebe and Penelope for their little princesses.

James was top choice for a second name for boys with Rose favourite for girls. In fact James has been top second name for the past five years, with Joseph and George vying for second place. Grace was once again a favourite for a middle name for girls.

Of course babies were big news in 2013 with several celebrities and even royalty producing off-spring. Prince William and wife Kate Middleton’s son Prince George made an appearance at the end of July which catapulted his name up 40 places in the top 100 boys’ names nationally with it coming in at number 55 for 2013.

March couple Leanne and Chris Searle pipped the royal couple to the post when their third child was born at the start of July and they chose George.

Leanne, who has two older children Megan (6) and Harrison (4), picked the name because of family connections.

“We had three great Uncle George’s in the family and we just thought it was a nice name,” explained Leanne.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s choice for their daughter, North, swept into 13th place in the most popular unisex names - just six months after her birth.

No Fenland parents, whose baby’s arrival was announced in the Citizen, picked this year’s top boys’ name of Asher.

But a Chatteris couple did choose Imogen, the top name nationally for their daughter who was born in April.

Siobhan and Brett Brooks liked the name and thought it was not only pretty but also unusual.

“I didn’t realise it was so popular nationally, but we really liked it and it is not a name you hear too much around here,” said Siobhan, who also has a son Logan (5).

He was named after a character from the X-Men films as dad Brett is a big fan and he liked the name.

Fenland parents of girls did manage to pick some of the names in the national top 10 - Amelia (5th), Evelyn (6th) and Penelope (7th).

But out of the boys’ top 10 only James (8th) was chosen by local mums and dads.

No-one followed the Beckhams and chose their daughter’s name Harper, which came third nationally.