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Which junction is most important?

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I would be most grateful if someone from Government could explain why the A141/A47 Guyhirn roundabout is deemed more important than the A47 Broadend Road junction at Wisbech?

Local people will be aware that there have been too many fatalities at this junction and along the A47 to both sides of the junction.

There has been campaigning for many years for improvements at this site and earlier this year we attended a public meeting with members from the Highways Agency and a local MP. Lots of talk, very little action.

I use the Guyhirn roundabout most days and see very little congestion there.

Also the very design of the roundabout means that traffic has to slow to negotiate it safely.

How many more have to die? Answers please.

Steve Green,



A waste of £300 million

£300 million for the junction at Guyhirn? What? There’s nothing wrong with the roundabout that’s there. I cannot comprehend what on earth they will spend £300 million on, nor how it is to be improved.

It works. I use it. There are never long queues of traffic, all exits are easy to see and clearly sign posted, even huge juggernauts can get around it perfectly well. There is very good visibility on it.

So what numpty decided to ‘waste’ an enormous amount of money on something which works properly, and ignore the glaringly obvious problems of the narrow single carriageway from the roundabout on the Redmoor Lane junction, to Guyhirn?

When you get stuck behind a tractor on this winding narrow country lane (which is really all it is between the two points) your problems and blood pressure are over by the time you get to the Guyhirn roundabout. Traffic disperses towards Peterborough or March and can pick up speed.

Something needs to be done about making this stretch of road into a dual carriageway and maybe even then widening the bridge across the Nene at the same time.

However, if this is not going to be addressed, then someone should keep their £300 million in their wallet.

An analogy might be owning a car with a blown-up engine, and paying to get a tyre replaced because it’s cheaper than fixing the engine, and then hoping the new tyre fixes the problem of the car not starting.

On a serious level, I wonder who the heck decided this huge amount of taxpayers’ money should be wasted?

Or do the powers-that-be think we are all stupid and will tell each other that ‘they’ must care about Fenland roads because look how much they are spending.

There is nothing wrong with this junction and, as much as I dislike Americanisms, the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” springs to mind.

Or does it not matter how much money is wasted because us gullible little tax payers can always be tapped for more!

Pam Thompson,

Tydd St Giles.


Grateful for their support

In response to comments made by Sandra Rose from Wisbech regarding the Tesco contribution to Chatteris Christmas Lights – comments which I (and I’m sure I’m not alone) find quite offensive.

She is obviously not aware that the Chatteris Christmas Lights are erected, maintained and improved each year by a dedicated group of volunteers.

The vast bulk of the money required is raised through voluntary donations and through the fundraising activities of members of the community.

It is rather galling to get criticism from someone who doesn’t live in Chatteris and whose own Wisbech Town Council has committed £30,000 of council tax-payers’ money to their own lights. I’m sure there are many people in the Chatteris area who are very grateful for Tesco’s support – long may it continue.

Chris Pope,



Thank you

A big thank you to all who supported our Christmas coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support on November 22.

We raised an amazing £493, with donations in the collection bucket of £199.39.

Your contributions will help in providing Macmillan services to those affected by cancer in the Fenland area.

Josephine Fried

March, Chatteris and

District Committee

Macmillan Cancer Support

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