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'New group not needed to fight Wisbech incinerator plan'

Can someone please explain why Wisbech Town Council feel the need to start a “working party” group “to bring everyone together” when there is already a group running, with councillors on it?

The Mayor himself was at the Sunday Rally put on by WisWin, feeling strongly that he wanted to show his support against the incinerator proposal.

I’m not saying the Town Council shouldn’t set it up for themselves and those who want to join.

Letters to the Fenland Citizen (29798095)
Letters to the Fenland Citizen (29798095)

But to say they want to “lead” and therefore be the one and only does not make sense, as the more complaints the better.

If, however, they insist on favouring a one group approach, why don’t they join the one already running, with as far as I can see people from the community already involved?

A Town Council’s opinion is limited by the rules of being a parish council; it is also limited by how it is seen.

The company will not take as much notice of a singular parish council statement as they would from a true community-based group brought together for the sole purpose of opposition, that shows the strength of feeling against the proposal.

It is important that everyone works in the way they feel comfortable, within whatever structure, or none; as all can make a statement at the right time to the Secretary of State.

Town/parish councils can however do certain things, that is their strength, they should focus on that.

Get a parish petition going for one, also declare a Climate Emergency.

Local councillors who sit on other parish/district/county councils could push for others, including the MP, to declare a Climate Emergency.

Then share information and ideas across the area to really get behind the issues that we have now, that will only be exacerbated by the proposal for an incinerator.

This would show the company behind this the stand Local Government is taking.

Better than spending time and effort on a new group.

Martha Graf Hatton,

West Norfolk.

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