Windfall for Wisbech charities

Almary Green Awards 2014 Kings Lynn
Almary Green Awards 2014 Kings Lynn
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Two Wisbech charities are among 16 good causes to benefit from the generosity of a philanthropic Norfolk businessman, each receiving a welcome donation of £600.

Wisbech’s Angles Theatre and a craft project working with terminally ill patients at a North Cambridgeshire Hospital day care centre have both been chosen for these donations.

For the fourth year in a row, independent financial advisers Almary Green, of Norwich, celebrate business success by donating over £10,000 to community groups.

Managing director Carl Lamb said: “Almary Green is in the position we are in today because we have been supported by local people and local businesses.

“I believe it’s right to share some of our good fortune with the community.

“Almary Green wants to encourage groups who are volunteering so much of their own time and resources to make a difference to the lives of people who have been less fortunate.”

In April, charities were invited to apply for money from this year’s fund to pay for specific projects. As a result, Mr Lamb handed over cheques totalling £10,528.14 to support groups in need.

Macmillan and Hudson Palliative Care run a day care centre project at Wisbech Hospital, for people living with terminal health conditions.

Ali Newman is one of three tutors providing craft activities for patients living with conditions such as motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

She said: “This is the first grant we have ever had from anyone. It is fantastic! Normally we have to beg or borrow what we can – and a lot comes out of the tutors’ own pockets to be honest.”

While patients are visiting the centre for treatment, they are invited to do craftwork.

She added: “We tell them that we will try to help them do whatever they have always wanted to do – stained glass, whittling, willow weaving or jewellery for instance. We work with them for weeks or months, depending on how advanced their condition is.

“All three tutors have been sitting with the patients talking about what materials we can buy.

“It is amazing. It will make a huge difference. We are so very grateful.”

Wisbech’s Angles Theatre has been given £600 for a project to provide better toilet facilities including a disabled toilet, a baby changing unit, water dispenser and improved lighting.

The Almary Green Awards initiative started in 2011 when Mr Lamb decided to mark the 10th anniversary of his successful Norwich-based chartered financial planners business by donating £10,000 to good causes.

He established a trust fund and has repeated the gesture each year since.

“This year’s donations, given on the back of another year of record turnover, means almost 80 charities have now benefitted by sums ranging up to £2,000.

Mr Lamb is delighted the scheme is becoming widely known and is an accepted part of the fabric of the community.

He said: “There are so many caring people and caring organisations in East Anglia and it is immensely pleasing to be able to help and encourage some of them by giving them enough to make a difference.”