Winners galore at Wimblington Show

Wimblington Summer Gardening Show'left to right front Gilda Bellard, Shirley Morrisey, Liz Wright, Julie Dent''left to right front Andy Thomas and Maureen Davis

The village of Wimblington hosted its annual show at the parish hall on Sunday.

Although entry numbers were thought to be slightly down on last year, there was still plenty for visitors to enjoy.

Wimblington Summer Gardening Show'Peter Fulcher and Andy Thomas

Gilda Bellard, a member of the show’s organising committee, said: “It was a lovely day.

“The plant stall outside the hall did a roaring trade. The tea room was busy all afternoon and the people came with their entries.”

The big winners of the day were the Rose family, with dad Darren winning the adult overall cup, mum Joanne finishing as runner-up and their sons, Ethan and Louis winning the children’s sections.

Judging for the allotments competition took place in mid April and again at the end of June.

The year’s winner was Jan Thomas, who also won the watercolour Section in the arts category.

Lesley Donovan was quilting winner for the second year running, beating her twin sister into second place again.

And one of the best stories to come out of the show was Saskia Stephen, a young girl who has a chicken which she tends. She won both adult egg competitions, despite being young enough to enter the children’s sections instead.

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