WISBECH: Chip pan fire

Firefighters had to extinguish a chip pan fire in a house in Walton Road, Wisbech, yesterday evening (Wednesday).

Two crews were called to the house at 5.40pm and firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used one hose reel to put out the fire.

They also carried out a Home Fire Safety check and installed a new smoke alarm for the resident following the accidental fire.

A fire service spokesperson said: “Chip pans can be extremely dangerous and are the cause of the largest number of fire-related injuries in the home. Oil itself is a volatile substance when heated, and it only takes seconds for an accident to occur, no matter how careful and vigilant you are.

“If a chip pan fire occurs, the Fire Service advises residents not to panic, never throw water on the fire, do not move the pan and turn the heat off if it is safe to do so before dialling 999.”