Wisbech family devastated after beloved cat was shot

Sugar the cat
Sugar the cat

A family have been left devastated after one of their beloved pet cats was shot, forcing them to have her put down.

Laura Marriott’s tabby, Sugar, was shot with some sort of air weapon near her home in Kooreman Avenue, Wisbech.

Remarkably, the 13-year-old cat survived the horrific attack, but the bullet entered below her chin and shattered one of her shoulder blades.

Vets advised Mrs Marriott that due to Sugar’s age and extent of the damage, the chances of her surviving surgery would be extremely low, so the agonising decision was made to put her to sleep.

The loss has traumatised Mrs Marriott’s son Ryan, 11, and daughter Summer, 6, as well as the family’s other pet cat, Spice, Sugar’s sister.

Mrs Marriott said: “I just can’t put into words how angry I am and my kids are completely distraught, especially my son as Sugar has been part of his life ever since he was born.

“How a human being can do that sort of thing to a cat is beyond me. If anyone had a problem with her there were far more humane ways of being able to deal with it than shooting her in cold blood.”

Mrs Marriott suspected something had happened to Sugar when she went missing last Tuesday and didn’t come home for her breakfast on the Wednesday morning.

She then heard a ‘meow’ and discovered Sugar curled up underneath a table.

“She was still alive and I took her straight to the vets. At first I thought she had been hit by a car, but at the vets we noticed a small hole in her neck and I didn’t know if she might have been bitten.

“But then she had an x-ray and discovered the bullet was still inside her.”

The attack and been reported to police, who have carried out house to house enquiries.

“I have an idea who might have done it, but I can’t prove it,” said Mrs Marriott. “I’m just so angry. We live in an area where there are a lot of young children and there’s someone messing around with a gun or air rifle.”

Anyone with information on the attack can contact police on 101.