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Wisbech Festival: a fantastic event

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Wisbech Festival has been a fantastic event from the town council and thousands of members of the public enjoyed a wonderful day.

I would like to pass my thanks to the town staff for their efforts, to the festival working party and to the town councillors who have worked very hard: Samantha Hoy, Steve Tierney, Gary Tibbs, Stephen Brunton, David Oliver, Jess Oliver and past mayor Michael Hill.

We look forwad to many other town council events.

David Hodgson,

Mayor of Wisbech.

christian aid

Gift of hope

Once again volunteers from the Chatteris Churches have been raising money for Christian Aid. The total collected during Christian Aid week amounted to £2,275.22 – a truly wonderful result.

Our sincere thanks to our fantastic band of volunteers who helped with the door-to-door collections, to all who baked and supported the cake stall and to The Old Bakery staff who sold quiz sheets.

We thank everyone in Chatteris who gave so generously of their money and time for people in so much need.

Christian Aid works with local partners in countries all over the world supporting a variety of projects. It helps those of any religion – or none – and gifts go where the need is greatest.

Thank you Chatteris. Your kindness has brought hope to some of the world’s poorest people.

Alison Doulton and Rosemary Fleet,

Chatteris Churches.

child poverty


My God, Mr Stephen Barclay is a very courageous and daring to say that child poverty does not exist and mothers across Fenland are living in the lap of luxury.

The backlash from this could be so enormous it could bring around the world apocalypse.

“Hell have fury no like a woman scorned.” It can last for years!

Mark Burton,



Untrue claim

P Hudson claims that the world would be a better place without Christians (June 3).

Christians throughout the world are caring for the sick and the homeless, feeding the hungry, supporting prisoners and comforting the dying. Christians in March are doing all this and more.

There are many people doing amazing things without a Christian faith and many Christians who fail to live up to the ideal – but it is simply untrue to suggest that our world would be a better place without those people who put others before themselves in Jesus Christ’s name.

Rebecca Bretherton,


mps’ pay

Oppose rise

David Cameron’s support for the Independent Parliamentary Standard’s Authority (IPSA) to determine what MPs are paid stands in stark contrast to his previous position.

Mr Cameron now accepts the IPSA decision that MPs’ pay shall increase by £130 a week to £1,420 a week.

It could be argued that a wage of £1,420 a week for MPs is not unworthy, given their responsibilities for scrutinising the executive.

However, there is one major complicating factor – namely that most MPs support the holding down of public sector pay, and the freezing of in-work and out-of-work benefits.

At the same time, a rise in MPs’ pay of £130 a week is more than some people have to live on for a whole week.

Our local MPs, including Fenland MP Stephen Barclay, should therefore come out in opposition to this disgraceful pay rise.

John Smithee,

Member, Unite the Union,


general election


I was shocked that most people voted for David Cameron to be Prime Minister for another five years.

Shocked, because this could mean the end of the NHS. Also, he is going to introduce fox hunting, which he never said he was going to do before the election.

Although 70 per cent of his party were against the badger cull, he went ahead with it, and now he is doing it again. People who voted Conservative are not animal lovers.

Also, if the Prime Minister puts everybody’s wages up it will not make any difference, because the supermarkets will just put their prices up – so no-one will be any better off.

Paul Thompson,

(Liberal Democrat),


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