WISBECH: Give an extra gift this Christmas

Kevin Smith is launching the Horsefair Samaritan's Purse Appeal.
Kevin Smith is launching the Horsefair Samaritan's Purse Appeal.
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Shoppers in Wisbech are being encouraged to give an extra gift this Christmas by donating a gift box to the Samaritan’s Purse Appeal.

The appeal encourages the public to donate a shoe-boxed sized container of gifts to children who may not receive any presents this year.

The Horsefair Shopping Centre, its Kodak Shop, plus the town’s Oasis Book Shop, in Norfolk Street, will all become drop-off points for this year’s campaign and members of the public can fill a box with gifts for children aged either 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14.

Boxes should include, toys such as a teddy bear, ball or jigsaw, an education item, for example a colouring book or pens, and hygiene items like a toothbrush or a comb. Other items can include scarves, hats or sunglasses.

In addition, a cheque for £2.50 will need to be enclosed to help cover the cost of distribution. Boxes must not include chocolate, food or homemade toys.

The scheme’s coordinator for the Wisbech area, Sue Kisby said: “Each year we receive a great response from people in and around the Wisbech area, everyone is always really supportive and the support seems to grow each year.”

Information leaflets with suggestions and guidelines for filling the boxes and age-group stickers for boys and girls can be picked up from the Horsefair’s information point or at the Oasis Book Shop.

Boxes can be dropped off between 1 – 17 November, at the Horsefair’s information point, the centre’s Kodak Shop and the Oasis Book Shop.

For any enquiries relating to the appeal, contact Sue Kisby on 01945-588049.

For more information on the Horsefair Shopping Centre call 01945-584109 or visit www.horsefairshoppingcentre.co.uk