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Wisbech Grammar pupils learn key points about acupuncture

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The healing properties of the oriental art of acupuncture have been pinpointed for pupils at Wisbech Grammar School.

In the latest in a series of twilight lectures Mrs Marianne Killick, who practises in Peterborough and Wisbech, outlined the basic principles of the complementary medicine as it is administered in accordance with ancient Chinese tradition.

Pupils from a cross-section of year groups heard how modern techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging scans, show that there is a compelling case for

the beneficial effects of the technique and that current approaches to medicine are starting to catch up.

She explained that acupuncture is valued as part of a holistic approach to good health and well-being and is offered alongside other treatments provided by the National Health Service.

A variety of needles was examined and pupils learned how a patient’s condition is assessed thoroughly to ensure that the right area of the body is treated in order to reinstate balance.

In a lively question and answer session that followed the potential contradictions between conventional drug therapy and acupuncture were explored.

Mrs Jane Missin, who organizes the enrichment lectures in order to stimulate thinking about topics that transcend the classroom curriculum, said that the pupils are encouraged to engage with speakers drawn from a host of backgrounds.

She said: “This was a fascinating talk which gave the audience a real understanding of the basic principles behind the practice of acupuncture and how it can work alongside conventional drug therapies. Pupils asked some excellent questions and were challenged about how they view healing.”

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