Wisbech people say ‘Yes’ to the rail link scheme

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THE people of Wisbech have spoken and voted in favour of the town council pursuing the acquisition of the rail link between Wisbech and March.

Following consultation in the Citizen, the majority of people voted ‘Yes’ to the money set aside in next year’s council tax precept being used on the link known as the Bramley Line.

Erbie Murat, clerk at Wisbech Town Council, said: “The first step is to begin discussions with Network Rail.

“Talks will take place next week, followed by a report to the Council’s Acquisitions Working Party, consisting of the Town Mayor Jonathan Farmer, the Leader of Wisbech Town Council David Oliver, the Deputy Mayor Viv MacRae, and myself.

“The Working Party will discuss a strategy for taking over the rail link. Once it is in the hands of the Town Council, talks will be set up to discuss what may be done with it.

“The chances are this will be a very long-term and extremely positive project for the town and financial support for financing any part of it will have to be sought.”

The votes, including those emailed to Wisbech Town Council, totalled 368 voting ‘Yes’ and 80 voting ‘No’.

The council had agreed to go along with what the people of the town wanted, even if they had said no to the proposed acquisition..

If you have an interest in the rail link, contact Erbie Murat, in the first instance, by writing to him at 1 North Brink, Wisbech, PE13 1JR, or emailing wisbechtcerbie@aol.com