Wisbech Rose Fair has a new chairman

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Organisers of Wisbech’s biggest showpiece put out an appeal last month for more people to step up and help with the festival.

A total of 15 representatives from groups in the town went along to a meeting at St Peter’s Church on Thursday last week to discuss the future of the festival.

Susanah Farmer is now taking on the role of chairman of the town forum and will help with the smooth running of next year’s festival.

She will be putting together a committee and aims to improve communication along with looking at funding.

Mrs Farmer said: “Part of the issue has been communication. We know there are a lot of things going on but it is getting people to share what is going on so it can be promoted to visitors.

“If anyone has anything they would like to share about Rose Fair I’m happy to have any information.”

Rose Fair has been pulling crowds to Wisbech for 50 years to admire the flower displays in the town’s churches.

The organising committee had previously been made up of people from St Peter and St Paul’s Church.

Representatives from Wisbech Round Table, Wisbech Town Council, Fenland District Council, Octavia Hill Birthplace Museum, Wisbech Methodist Church, United Reformed Church and St Peter’s were among the organisations present at last week’s meeting.

Mrs Farmer said: “The forum is about pulling together the co-ordination.

“If an authority has a question there is a single information point.”

Janet Stevens, from St Peter’s Church, said: “The meeting went very well with 15 representatives.

“It is definitely looking positive. The whole town is going to pull together.”

The fair started in 1963 to raise money for the restoration of the Norman church, St Peter’s.