Wisbech’s £30,000 Christmas lights scheme approved

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Extra sparkle will be added to Wisbech’s Christmas lights this year after a £30,000 improvement proposal has been approved.

Wisbech Town Council gave the green light to the scheme at Monday’s meeting following a public vote.

People living and working in the town were given the opportunity to vote on the proposal.

More than 200 yes votes were cast along with 36 no votes.

The council has already placed an order for £19,000 worth of new lights to be fitted for this year’s switch on, which will be held later this month.

The remaining £11,000 will be carried forward for improvements next year.

Town clerk Terry Jordan said: “There was a significant yes vote in favour of the council spending money on the Christmas lights. Most of the responses came through the website.

“Although we just asked for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ votes, people were leaving very positive comments in support of the scheme.”

The council has received permission to decorate the Freedom Bridge roundabout with some of the town’s existing lights.

A fundraising campaign will be launched to continue with improvements to the lights

The town’s Christmas lights will be switched on during a exciting ceremony on Sunday, November 30, from 5pm.

A carol concert will be held earlier in the day.