Wisbech school hires former pupils as apprentices

Shanna Burns, Thomas Thompson and Amber Doyle.
Shanna Burns, Thomas Thompson and Amber Doyle.

Three youngsters have returned to their former school in Wisbech to embark on their careers.

Thomas Clarkson Academy (TCA), in Corporation Road,

is for the first time offering apprenticeships in IT, catering and administration.

And the school has hired former pupils Amber Doyle, Shanna Burns and Thomas Thompson to take on these roles.

Youngsters across the country are now preferring to earn a salary while studying towards a qualification and gaining important experience.

Amber Doyle, 19, left TCA last year after completing her A-Levels and was set to go to university to study business management.

But she decided an apprenticeship was the way to go for her and is now the school’s IT position.

She said: “Apprenticeships are a good way to get into employment.

“It’s good to learn on the job and no two days are the same.

“Working in a school there is so much you can learn.

“There are opportunities everywhere.”

Shanna Burns, 21, left the school in 2009 but has returned to the site’s kitchens to prepare meals for pupils and staff as the catering apprentice.

She now is working towards a catering and hospitality qualification.

Shanna is enjoying helping to prepare meals in the restaurant and said: “Apprenticeships are good if they are teaching you things and you can get a job at the end of it.”

Thomas Thompson, 19, completed a computing and IT course before applying for his apprenticeship in administration.

He is also a past student but said the school has changed so much it feels like a completely different place.

Business Manager Allison Baverstock said: “We are delighted to be able to offer these apprenticeships and were lucky to be able to choose from some excellent candidates.

“Amber, Shanna and Thomas are assets to the school and great examples to our pupils, and we hope we are setting them on the path to successful and rewarding careers.”

More than 150,000 employers across the country are offering apprenticeships in a range of locations.

Up to 85 per cent of apprentices stay in employment with 65 per cent remaining with the same employer.