Wisbech shelter appeals for donations

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An animal shelter is running a dog blood donation drive in a bid to help replenish depleted stocks.

The Wisbech branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust has organised the event on Thursday, September 9, after receiving a desperate call from the Pet Blood Bank.

The charity, which is based at Loughborough, supplies blood to vet surgeries for use in emergency operations – but its stock are now running low.

Donations are needed from dogs weighing more than 25kg and under seven years old.

Animals on medication or that have been abroad cannot donate.

Dogs who donate will receive a full health check and a treat.

The blood bank will be sending a team to the retired greyhound trust’s kennels in Marshland St James.

Barbara Townsend, who runs the Wisbech branch, says one donation can save the lives of four dogs.

She said: “I would ask pet owners to think about their dogs having an emergency operation.

“The blood bank is desperate.”

To book an appointment you can call Barbara on 01945 430311.