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Wisbech woman hands out 100 boxes of aid to migrant camp

Melanie Steele with a baby at the migrant camp
Melanie Steele with a baby at the migrant camp

Generous Fenland has helped to make a difference to the people who are living in dreadful conditions at migrant camps in France.

Wisbech woman Melanie Steele was inspired to launch the Boxes of Delights campaign after visiting a camp in Dunkirk.

People across the area have been touched by the crisis and thanks to their generosity Mrs Steele was able to hand over more than 100 lunch boxes containing important items.

Mrs Steele says the camp has more than tripled in size since her last visit earlier this year as more people arrive from the crisis in Syria.

She said: “It was heartbreaking. There were 500 people there on our first visit but now there are more than 1,500. It is so muddy – Glastonbury has nothing on this.

“They have a toilet and shower block now but it is still not good.

“The response to the appeal from the people of Fenland has been really good.”

Mrs Steele said people at the camp lined up calmly and were very thankful as she handed out the parcels with two other people.

She said: “It was heartbreaking as I was just giving them basic essentials like nappies. ”

During the visit, Mrs Steele also walked around the camp to hand out sweets and spent time with one family.

She said: “The mother handed me her baby and said ‘take her away and give her a better life’.

“It was so sad. This child was seven-months-old but weighed about the same as a three-month-old

“None of the people there have asked to be in that situation.”

Mrs Steele is returning to the camp in January but will be taking a second car. She is appealing for help to pay for the crossing, along with donations of winter clothing, wood and boots after Christmas.

Go to www.facebook.com/boxesofdelightsforrefugees

Or email Mrs Steele on: melanie.steele@sky.com

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