Woman rescued after crash


A WOMAN had to be cut out of her car after an accident in which her vehicle left the road and ended up stuck in a ditch on Wednesday evening.

The woman, who was in her 20s, was trapped in the car and was suffering severe back pain, a suspected serious spinal injury and a numbness in her leg.

Magpas Helimedix Dr Fiona Bowles and Volunteer Paramedic Ash Richardson arrived at the scene in Benwick near at around 7.20pm and found the woman was shivering with cold in the car, which was stuck at a 35 degree angle in the ditch.

The fire service were also on scene and worked to remove the car doors and roof, whilst the Magpas doctor and paramedic administered pain killers and wrapped the woman in blankets.

The Magpas team then sedated the patient, so that she could be removed from the car as safely and painlessly as possible - and to prevent any further damage to her spine.

She was then escorted by Magpas to Peterborough City Hospital in a land ambulance, on arrival her condition was described as serious but stable.

Dr Fiona Bowles said: “With the car at an angle in a ditch, getting our patient out safely was difficult, but the fire crew and the EEAST Ambulance crew on the scene worked brilliantly as a team.

“The danger of an incident like this happening at night, is the patient becomes colder and colder.

“What we were able to do was make her sleepy and comfortable. This hugely speeds up getting her to safety.”