You don’t want another Hatfield

Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Whilst having the greatest respect for Trevor Bevis (Letters, June 3), the outside town retail facility in my own experience is somewhat misguided.

We moved some nine years ago to March and since living here have encountered a very large number of our old town residents who, like us, moved out.

We came here from Hatfield, Hertfordshire, having been a lovely town, similar to March in most respects.

Our council gave permission for just such a project, namely Galleria.

The town of Hatfield now, there for all to see, just down the A1, is a ghost town – a bustling market of 40-plus stalls reduced to around three; the re-developed shopping centre, desperate for tenants for the empty shops, can attract no one; the town centre has more charity shops, betting offices, and hairdressers than any other town – but even the hairdressers there are gradually declining.

Your out-of-town project, on paper, sounds good.

People be very careful what you wish for – your lovely town of March could very soon follow Hatfield in decline.

R J Wade,

via email.

ukip reply

Are these the answer?

John Smithee, the Unite member, thinks his politics are the answer to all the problems, and that UKIP is a “one trip pony”.

I will list a few of our other journeys:

To reform our border control, a five-year ban on unskilled workers, we are full up with them.

Stop sham marriages, repair the NHS by getting 8,000 GP’s, 3,000 midwives, etc, stop hospital parking charges.

Invest in dementia treatment, home care workers (those who care for a relative) must be paid the minimum wage.

Organise food banks, if they need food they will need help with debt, addiction, mental health and legal advice.

Any housing build of more than 40 homes must include a social communal area.

Cut teachers’ work-loads, they carry too much.

Proper sex education for secondary level, not for primary age. UKIP supports Grammar schools.

Ban speed cameras that are used for money raising, remove and phase out road tolls.

Invest in shale gas extraction, it’s been in practice in the USA for a long time.

Protect small businesses by forcing big business traders to pay early, small traders are not in the banking trade, by giving free interest loans.

Ban cosmetic trials on animals, make non-stunned animal slaughter visibly labelled.

Increase the Police force, they need a massive boost in numbers. They, like teachers, are overworked and under stress.

No prisoner will have a right to vote.

A zero tolerance to cultural practices, FGM, forced marriages, honour killings, and promote the English language as the basic need for communications – multiculturalism is fragmenting British society.

I will not go on. I leave you with these words of Sir Winston Churchill.

‘We are with Europe, but not of it, we are linked but not combined, we are interested but not absorbed.’

Alan Lay,

Cambridgeshire County Councillor.

prime minister under fire

Will they turn against him?

I see that David Cameron has broken his pre-election promise not to let any more immigrants into the UK.

He only said this so that he could win votes.

This man thinks that he can do what he wants and get away with it.

His party should think seriously about what he is doing and consider whether this is the man they want to run the country for the next five years.

Perhaps they will turn against him like they did Margaret Thatcher – and choose a better leader?

Paul Thompson,


volunteers praised

Thanks for summer fun

I’ve seen through the columns of your newspaper a wide variety of community events enjoyed by people across Fenland.

Judging from your reports there are still a number to come, too. One thing that is clear is that these events could not have happened without the work and support of so many volunteers. Thank you!

Citizen reader,

details supplied.